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DIN225 Die Stock

Carbide Steel Made.

Steel hody with plastic powler coated

Size (mm) Length (mm) For Taps Order No.
16x5 160 M1 to M2.6 318-2025
20x5 200 M3 to M4 318-2030
20x7 200 M4.5 to M6 318-2035
25x9 224 M7 to M9 318-2040
30x11 280 M10 to M11 318-2045
38x14 315 M12 to M14 318-2050
45x18 450 M16 to M20 318-2055
55x22 560 M22 to M24 318-2060
65x25 630 M27 to M36 318-2065

Other size please check as following,

Spec. Length
Metric M3-M4 205mm
M4.5-M6 205mm
25.4 225mm
M7-M9 215mm
M10-M11 275mm
M12-M14 310mm
M12-M14 310mm
38.1 310mm
M16-M20 450mm
M16-M20 450mm
50.8 560mm
M22-M24 560mm
63.5 630mm
Inch 20x5mm 205mm
20x7mm 205mm
25x9mm 215mm
30x11mm 275mm
38x11mm 310mm
38x10mm 310mm
45x14mm 450mm
45x18mm 450mm
55x16mm 560mm

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